Types of blogs: 5 Common Types Of Business Blogs

A blog is a site that a person can use as a live journal or promote a business. When you are promoting a business, however, you will need to do a lot of research on the topic before beginning. If you are new to blogging, as a business or just want to get the word out on a certain business, you need to know the more common business topics. This can provide you with a starting point. The five most common businesses that use blogs to promote their business are:

Specialty Blogs: This type of business blog is usually written by two or more contributors with a common interest. It is a great way for you to build an online community with people that share your interests and ideas. This type of blog can include such things as weight loss, how to stay healthy, or even golf topics among others. The possibilities are endless.


Featured Blogs: In this type of blog, you will be advertising creative types of businesses. These creative topics can include but are not limited to, topics on sewing, crafting, computer programming and digital photography as well as many other things. The possibilities for this type of business blog are innumerable and with variety. In this type of business blog, you have the opportunity to show various pictures, video clips, and even sewing projects that you have been working on among others. This is one type of business blog that will need to be a creative one. The more creative you are the more visitors you will get.

Industry Blogs: This blog focuses on a more narrow type of industry and usually is made by industries that sell their products to other businesses. It usually consists of a variety of different topics including trade shows, new lines of product, and materials just to name a few. This type of blog might be a little more difficult for one to create. It will take a lot of careful research and you will need to know a lot of information on the specific industry you are creating your blog on.

Tourist Blogs: Of all the business blogs so far this is about the easiest and the most fun to create. You can write on certain tourist areas of interest and include pictures of the area. You can add tourist attractions famous to the area along with the climate and travel information just to name a few. It’s even more creative if you have the first-hand experience as a traveler to those specific destinations that you are writing about. In this case it would give a more vivid description of your adventure and unique experience.

Consulting blogs: Usually, consulting blogs are run by one person offering their opinion, and advice on a certain topic. This is a great way to develop an online community in a topic that interests you and others who require your expertise.

No matter what business you wish to create or may already belong to, blogging is a great way to advertise and showcase your skills and natural ability to effectively deliver in your particular field or market niche.

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