18 Legitimate Data Entry Jobs From Home Without Investment (GLOBAL).

Data entry work is one of the most straightforward and sought after work from home opportunities on the Internet, yet frequently misjudged by some. Why? Because the interest demand is so high, the number of scam artists likewise increases incrementally. Therefore, individuals ought to do proper research to know about the authenticity of the companies before are applying.

You should observe that one fundamental factor that the company’s activity is authentic, make sure it doesn’t request any payment from you or any kind of approach to get you to pay before you start. You are a candidate, they should pay you and not the other way around.

So before I start with the list, let me disclose to you you do not have to have any prior knowledge or training in Data Entry, although it’s advisable to embark on some training, just to further develop your skills, but it’s not mandatory. Therefore, please, there is no need to worry where to begin.

What Is Data Entry?

By the job title itself, the job entails entering information through composing, from sound, video and pictures. There are many sorts of Data Entry Work; they can vary in size and type of specific task/s that is involved. These kinds of employment can be easy very easy to complex data entry tasks. Some of the most common tasks that you will like do are:

Copy And Paste

Filling out Forms

Data Conversion

Collecting Data

Web Scraping

Internet Research

What are the requirements you would need?

Most companies would require the job applicants to be a quick typist, a good command in English or specified language depending on the company and location. However, once you are a quick learner, precise, accurate and can get things done on time, then the job is already yours once you have proven those basic skills to the employer. The rest of this is to accompany you as prerequisites to assist you with getting your Data Entry Job done.

Work area/quiet workstation; Some jobs may require that you Skype, video chat or make important business calls to the company sometimes, therefore it is imperative that you secure a more remote and quiet area to maintain a more professional look and get things done with speed and efficiency without distraction.

A. Computer/Laptop (Some would request that you have upgraded version of windows) 

B. Rapid High Speed Internet- Let’s just say good internet connection. This ensures that you have a reliable connection to deliver services on time with no delay.

C. Safety devices; the protection of online data, as you might be dealing with confidential documents

D. Composing Software like MS Office with experience in the Microsoft Suit

The legitimate companies you can register with for data entry work:

1. Working Solutions

This organization hires telecommuters per job, besides hiring freelancers for Data Entry Jobs; they contract travel specialists for call centre agents. Once you’re successfully employed, you will immediately undergo training. This company hires freelancers around the globe.

Working Solutions has been around since 1996. They provide flexible working hours; Candidates can pick their time, however, remote freelancers must honor their contract to commit to working those hours submitted.

2. Dion Data Solutions

Dion Data Solutions has been around for such several years now. So you don’t have to scrutinize its legitimacy, its existence has proven its authenticity. They acknowledge candidates around the world; They require you to be a quick typist with good high speed internet connection

Because of the large volume of applicants, they may take a while to reply. Therefore, I recommend that you apply to different companies while waiting for a response from Dion Data Solutions.


2. Lionbridge –

This company hires freelancers for Data Entry Tasks from around the world. You simply need to take their assessment test for them to evaluate you. Once you have passed the evaluation test. Based on the evaluation score, if acceptable, shows you are a good fit for the job, they immediately hire you. 

Once hired, you will be given the opportunity to perform data entry services on your own time, which allows you to be even more flexible with your schedule. This company is legitimate and has been around for twenty years.

3. Clickworker-

This is another company that pays freelancers to perform micro tasks.  Clickworker is absolutely free to join from anywhere around the world and they do pay. The tasks involve filling out forms and web searching; pretty easy job. 

4. Xerox-

This company enlists telecommuters on their employment data base to perform tasks such as data entry/verification checks, imaging processors, technical support, client/customer care. Xerox has been in existence for as long as 30 years. They have been hiring retirees and military spouses with their heroes@home program, which is a stunningly an amazing way to help.  They have more than 8000 home-based employees specialise in the following areas:

  • Customer Care
  • Tech Support
  • Data Entry/Verification
  • Image Tagging
  • Quality Control
  • Systems Development
  • Software Programming
  • Administrative/Business Support

Xerox understands the dynamic shift that is paving the way for the new era of work from home environment. Therefore, they do their part to help by networking to make this work from home dream become a reality for many. Also, they are accessible around the world. 

Here are some outsourcing websites and occupation entries where you could sign up and begin work.

5. Upwork

6. Freeeup

7. Freelancer

8. Fiverr

9. Cloud Peeps

10. Indeed.com

Here are a few organizations you can check for employment: remote transcriptionists (worldwide)

11. Rev

12. Gotranscript

13. Scribie

If you are searching for remote jobs in the transcription field, you can check out my post: list of transcription companies that are hiring workers globally. You can also register for a free transcription course here: Free General Transcription Mini-Course and General Transcription: Theory & Practice. Also take the opportunity to sign up for Free Legal Transcription Mini-Course.

Here’s a case of a Data Entry companies that place ADs on LinkedIn.

14. Tech Speed

15. Oworkers

16. Eleks

17. Ask Data Entry

18. Total System


As I mentioned before, most international companies offering remote jobs do not ask for any upfront payment, the only investment they ask for, is for your time, meaning- (services rendered as a freelancer, virtual assistant or data entry); and in return they monetarily compensate you. Therefore, do a thorough research first, to ensure that the company conducts legitimate business transaction and ask a lot of questions until you’re comfortable and satisfied with the answers. Good Job hunting!

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